Plus Size Sports Bra Buying Guide(2)

Getting the Best Fit

Wishful thinking about size has to be disciplined when purchasing a sports bra. Purchases must be made for the wearer’s actual size, not for a size she might hope to be, because otherwise the bra will fail to provide the necessary support.

A properly fitted sports bra will meet these tests.


Fitting tests


The foundation of the bra. The wider the band, the greater the support. A well-fitted sports bra has a band that stretches no more than one-inch from the chest. If the band is adjustable, do this fit test when the bra is fastened on the first eyelet.


Well fitted bras completely cover both breasts with no "spillage" and are completely filled without wrinkling or other signs of surplus fabric. If there is a divider between the cups, it touches the chest in normal wear. Test the stretchiness of the cups by pulling the cups from top and bottom. The more they give, the less they will control your motion.


Wider straps provide greater comfort and support. The less stretch the front straps have, the more they will control motion. Adjustable straps are helpful for precision fitting, especially for those who are losing weight. It’s important to remember that shoulder straps hold the cups in place but are not part of a bra’s primary support structure.


Back clasps allow for more precise fitting of the band, which provides more than half of the support in any bra. When the fit is tested, the bra should be fastened at the first eyelet of the clasp. If it is too loose at this fastening, a smaller size is needed.


Plastic or metal underwire adds support and structure that some women prefer. If used, it must be covered adequately so it will not create discomfort.


Seams should be properly rolled or covered to help prevent chafing.

The most common error in choosing sports bras is to wear a smaller cup and larger band than will provide best support.

Where to Find Plus Size Sports Bras

Women who wear plus size wardrobes often are familiar with companies that specialize in clothing designed for them. Many of these companies have extended their lines into the lingerie market in recent years, offering a well-rounded selection of everyday and romantic choices for larger women. Sports bras have been a bit harder to come by, given the inaccurate presumption that larger women do not exercise. Fortunately, the market has begun to catch up with reality and plus-size women are beginning to be able to access the protective athletic gear they want. Many comfort bras are available through the same companies that provide plus-size wardrobes, in their brick and mortar or online stores. Some are marketed through general retail department stores and their online stores. Today, a number of sports or outfitting stores also provide plus size sports bras up to size DD in their lines. Plus size sports bras are also available in online markets such as eBay.

Buying Plus Size Sports Bras on eBay

If you are interested in purchasing plus size sports bras on eBay, you can start by searching the listings, where you will find many for sale in the Sports Bra XL and Sports Bra Plus Size categories. Often, a seller will offer two or more "new with tags on" products as a package. Given the importance of proper care and maintenance of sports bras, purchasing more than one at a time can be a very wise choice. As you get to know the various sellers, you will feel comfortable purchasing even a week’s worth of new sports bras on eBay.

Sort Listings by Price

The easiest way to keep your purchases within budget is to start by sorting search results by price. This also allows you to see whether different sellers are offering different prices on similar merchandise. Lower prices sometimes signal bargains but can also indicate that products are not what they seem to be.

Get to Know the Sellers

The range of options among plus size sports bras can seem overwhelming, with an equally wide range of prices. When you are shopping locally, you may already be familiar with a store by experience or reputation. When you shop through an online mall for the first time, you probably check review sites to find out whether other shoppers have had positive experiences with that vendor. On eBay, you can see whether most prior customers have left positive Feedback about a seller. You can also check to see if a seller is considered a top-rated seller. These vendors offer the highest level of reliability and customer service.


Many think "sports bra" is a misnomer for the kind of well-fitting comfort bra that allows a plus-sized woman to feel at ease throughout her ordinary, busy days.

Sports bras do differ from the bras offered in the day-to-day lingerie market. The fabrics are more likely to be stiff, designed to protect the wearer from bounces on the one hand and bangs on the other. The fabrics may be colorful, but sports bras don’t typically come adorned with lace and ribbons, even though the wearer may be aiming for ribbons and medals.

Finding the right sports bra for the plus size woman is very similar to finding any bra. Additional issues to consider offer the extra level of protection an active wearer will desire to ensure the long term stability of her breasts.